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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

For this assignment, I had to train a StyleGAN model with my data using Runway. I looked for tutorials to do that but turns out there was a train option on runway all along. For the dataset, I chose nebulas, and for the setup I chose step 3800 which is basically a bunch of old pictures of men as shown on the preview.

I kept the training steps to be 3000. I would assume the less the steps, the less time it would take to train the model. The estimated cost is $ 20.

Stages of the Process

Progress Video


I also tried training some dataset from here, and set them up with portraits.




After playing a bit with Yining’s sketch, I discovered that playing with the slider can actually curve the image to make it appear as 3D. I was amazed! I had to dig deeper and found this tutorial that talks about two sketches made by Dan Shiffman that are as amazing.

After playing the sketch above, I noticed that it automatically saved the below pictures.

However, after commenting out the save line, I saw this awesome video being played.

I also tried the same model+sketch with skyscrapers.

After trying the second sketch, link above, I found these interesting photos.


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