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Video Sculpture #☝🏼

For my first assignment, Gabe, put us in groups of three. I was lucky to get Yiting as my partner because we worked together before, and I love working with her, and our third partner is Tundi.

In our first meeting, we spent nearly three hours discussing the concept and at the end of the meeting we were all satisfied with working with an accelerometer that would detect the direction of the swing and interact accordingly.

The idea of our installation was to light a mason jar red that’s hanged from the ceiling in order to attract people to engage, then when they swing it, it blinks indicating danger.

We were aiming for another color, but the code only worked with red. The main color we had in mind was yellow light in the jar, with a black wire from the ceiling indicating happiness and we had a whole other concept. However, big thanks to Yiting, for getting the code to finally work perfectly using the built-in accelerometer in Arduino iot 33.


The Final



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