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Week 10: Malcom X Isn't Muslim

I swear this relates to my thesis, and here’s why…

Recently, I’ve been involved with the Arab/muslim and the Arab/Jewish communities here in the US. It’s not shocking to anyone who reads about politics and religions to know that there’s a difference between Islam, one of the amazing Abrahamic religions, and Nation of Islam which is, if you ask me, purely political (and while we’re at it, the Muslim brotherhood is 100% purely political too)

Here’s what I found! It’s hard to cite the source since everything discussed was off the record, but google it and it’ll make sense.

Any article that differentiates between Nation of Islam and Islam (the Abrahamic religion), has been banned for a while sometime in the 60s!

Shocking right? Yeah! I won’t mention why because it’s a ‘if you know you know’ situation and is simply outdated news. However, just by talking to a couple of people in the industry, I found that the press here isn’t as free as I thought. Basically similar censorship, but different techniques.

P.S: and this might bring joy to the islamophobes some people we have on the floor, but Mohamed Ali isn’t Muslim either.


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