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Week 11: 2 Feedback Sessions Later

I talked to David Lockard, William Lindmeier, and Yuliya Parshina-Kottas (in this order). Each and every one of them gave me a piece of advice that shifted my project to a whole new level. I’ll forever be grateful.

All three suggested I tie the website to one specific country, or one specific journalist for a better structure and to narrow it down a little (including David Rios, who I miss taking a class with so much). I agree with them all, however, silencing the press has been increasing globally. In my opinion, Jamal Khashoggi, was one of the luckiest journalists in the world because it’s been almost three years since his death, and people are still talking about him. His brutal death started an ongoing conversation that doesn’t seem to be near the end. Many people in many different countries don’t even get the satisfaction of knowing whether their missing relative journalist is dead or jailed. After explaining this bit, they suggested I add this part because it’s valid and to highlight it within the website.

An interest was born when…

Yuliya, who works at the NYTimes, felt like I was over exaggerating, and that journalists exist everywhere in the US, and silencing here is near nonexistent. I had to fight the urge of sending her this article, I didn’t want to seem rude and waste the limited time we had. This discussion kind of sparked a new question that I’ll be looking for an answer to in these upcoming days. “Do big publications have more access than others within the same country?”

Feeling like playing a laggy game on instagram? I got you! DM me what you think if you have the time, it’ll truly make my day!!


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