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Week 2: Consciously Controlled

During last week’s exercise, I had to quickly think of answers to questions about an unknown idea. In doing so, I’ve managed to find a pattern in my answers. What I know so far is that I want my idea to be online, accessible, and related to freedom of speech. However, after further research, I’ve found that freedom of speech is a broad topic and I only care about one aspect of it. Therefore, I’ve decided to narrow it down to freedom of the press. After all, I am a journalist by degree, who refuses to be consciously controlled!

My Refined Train of Thought

This exercise made me come up with a list of things to keep in mind while thinking of an idea.

  • To make the user feel safe

  • Accessible for users

  • Beneficial for the user

  • Portable/web-based

  • Motivational

So far, I have a couple of ideas that would need some refinement from your valuable feedback .

These ideas check numerous boxes on my list, but I’m not passionate about them.

However, I’ve pitched an idea for a VR experience yesterday that seemed so cool and it’s seducing me to further explore it. The problem is that VR is not the best piece of tech when it comes to accessibility. In fact, I don’t think it’s accessible at all. So many people don’t own headsets (including me), and it’d be tricky to accommodate any special needs for people with disabilities.

Unfortunately, both ideas aren’t related to each other at all, so there’s no way of combining them.


Feedback (Thank You All )

–––––––– starting comments for Dina ––––––––

16:17:58 From Dawn Sinkowski she/they : Dina you have probably seen this: 16:18:01 From elizabeth : borders: made up lines on maps create ideological divides 16:18:01 From Benjamin M Moll : thinking about arab spring and optimism 16:18:12 From Dawn Sinkowski she/they : But if not you might be interested 16:18:22 From Nikhil Kumar : What do people consider freedom 16:18:31 From Nikhil Kumar : Are there different degrees of freedom 16:18:44 From Luisa Pereira Hors Renner : A piece by an Uruguayan new media artist about a teacher that was “vanished” during the dictatorship in the 70’s 16:18:44 From Luisa Pereira Hors Renner : 16:18:57 From Dawn Sinkowski she/they : And also this Mark Lombardi piece: 16:18:57 From Luisa Pereira Hors Renner : (About how the population is complicit) 16:19:09 From Lynne Yun : I think it feels powerful to center on empathy as it relates to freedom 16:19:09 From Nikhil Kumar : Thinking of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 16:23:29 From elizabeth: Been looking for this link for you 16:27:58 From Dawn Sinkowski she/they: You should look at forensic architecture too 16:28:08 From Dawn Sinkowski she/they: I think they worked on that? 16:28:14 From Dawn Sinkowski she/they: And Bellingcat


My Research Diary

Not sure if I have to post this as well? but here goes nothing!


  • 11/5 – After midnight

  • 11/6 – Morning

  • 11/7 – Morning

Database(s), catalog(s), or search engine(s)


  • ACM

  • HeinOnline

Words/terms that you searched

  • Comparing Free Speech

  • Freedom of speech

  • Freedom of speech by country

  • Political freedom

  • Freedom of the press

  • Media transparency

  • Visuals of freedom of press

New terms or ideas you discovered

Free speech movement

Potentially good books/articles/websites you found


  • A book called “Women, Islam and Cinema”

Other notes or reflection

In 2017, Iraq had more freedom of the press than Egypt! ::crying Jerry meme::


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