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Week 4: RIP Jamal Khashoggi

  • Why is ‘freedom of the press’ important?

  • How to grab people’s attention to political news?

  • How to make news more relatable?

  • How to make news more interesting?

  • Why should I care about other countries?

  • Or rather, why should I care PERIOD

Let it be clear that I’m all for the press having full freedom to talk about a country’s political and economical state, BUT I’m against violating anyone’s privacy, even when it comes to celebrities! #GawkerDeservedToGoBankrupt .. I mean, what would we gain from it?

Writing (or in some regions, exposing) political and economic strategies would educate people in different countries. I can’t word it better myself, but as Jamal Khashoggi said in his last article “…they can understand and discuss the various aspects and complications of democracy in the United States and the West. If an Egyptian reads an article exposing the actual cost of a construction project in Washington, then he or she would be able to better understand the implications of similar projects in his or her community.”

3 people I’d love to talk to

Ahmed ElDin because he’s a very passionate Arab journalist/documentarian who always tries to amplify matters that don’t really get the attention they deserve!

Rick Rowley, director of Kingdom of Silence on Showtime. I’d just want to know if he has gotten any threats? Or was he able to show the entire story without facing any obstacles? (emphasis on the word “entire”)

Mohamed Bazzi, who is an associate professor of journalism at NYU. He has tackled so many important issues that would spark controversy in the Middle East, or basically get banned in so many publications. He basically wrote about everything I’m interested in! I mean this guy wrote freely about the Sunni-Shiite (2 major sects in Islam) conflicts!!! He was able to tackle the issue beautifully and without taking sides.

I’ll get into the second part of the assignment when I actually develop an idea

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