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Week 5: Free(doom)

Flashing a UV light to reveal invisible ink kinda website!


A search engine that would only show results from state-run newspapers. It’s more of a visualization of freedom of the press, but with a twist! I will add an image target that would unlock more features to the website. It’s like flashing a UV light to reveal invisible ink, but virtually. What hidden features? I still don’t know.


Because I’m Egyptian! (mic drop). Unfortunately, we have limited freedom of the press in the Arab World! Basically journalism is somewhat a useless degree in there. Watch this to get an idea of what’s it like being a journalist in there, especially in the gulf region (where I was born and raised). I’d say that this project is very personal to me and carries a lot of sentimental value. My goal is to shed a little bit of light on this cause because I believe it can prevent a lot of political catastrophes in many different countries.



The curious, the passionate, and the enraged! I guess it’ll all depend on “the hidden features” that I’ll be including. However, I want people to decipher, to think and to read between the lines. I’d love for teachers to use my tool for comparative analysis assignments (I used to LOVE those!) Or maybe a journalist who would want to fill in the missing pieces from an article by a state-run newspaper with limited prerogative.

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